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Statement in response to media reports about smart meters being switched to prepay mode

Suppliers should be following strict rules set by Ofgem, including offering ways to help customers repay money they owe, and they can only switch a meter to prepay mode where it is safe to do so. These rules apply whatever kind of meter you have. Regulatory protections are the same for people with smart meters as they are for people with traditional analogue meters. 

If you get into financial difficulty with your energy bills, the first step is to contact your energy supplier, and let them know. If someone has not been able to resolve an issue with their energy supplier, they can contact Citizens Advice for further support. 

Smart meters offer many advantages for people who choose to pay for their energy in advance, such as the ability to top up from home and provide more visibility on energy use. Support is also easier to access – for example, the £400 Energy Bill Support Scheme credit is applied automatically for those on smart prepay with no need to redeem a voucher.

Getting support with energy debt - what to do if you think you need help with your energy bills.