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Smart meters transform customer confidence in buying gas and electricity

- Findings from Smart Energy Outlook, the largest barometer of national public opinion on energy and smart meters

As the smart meter roll-out, the most significant upgrade of our national energy infrastructure in a generation, builds, Smart Energy GB has today published Smart Energy Outlook. The findings show that households with smart meters feel they have significantly more control as gas and electricity customers than those with analogue meters.

Key findings include:

  • People who already have smart meters have much greater confidence in the accuracy of their gas and electricity bills compared to those using traditional meters. More than three-quarters (76%) of people with smart meters say they think their energy bill is accurate vs 57% of those with analogue meters
  • More than two-thirds (68%) of people with smart meters think they have the information that they need to choose the right energy tariff, compared to half (51%) of those with analogue meters
  • The most appealing features of smart meters, for those who know what one is, are being able to see how much energy you are using in pounds and pence (60%) and receiving accurate, rather than estimated bills (44%)
  • Nearly six in ten (59%) of those who know what a smart meter is would like to get one installed¹
  • Already, nearly one in five Britons know what a smart meter is (18%)

Between now and 2020, smart meters will be offered to every home and microbusiness in Great Britain. 

Smart Energy Outlook
 is the largest regular barometer of national public opinion on energy issues and smart meters. It is produced twice yearly for Smart Energy GB by Populus. Smart Energy GB is the independent organisation tasked by government to engage households and microbusinesses across England, Scotland and Wales throughout the roll-out of smart meters.

Commenting on the findings, Baroness McDonagh, Chairperson of Smart Energy GB said:

“We are at the start of the national roll-out of smart meters to every home in Great Britain, which is one of the largest upgrades to the nation’s infrastructure that we have seen in a generation. At this early stage in the roll-out, it is good to see that already 18% of the population know what a smart meter is and that a strong majority of those who know what a smart meter is are keen to have one fitted in their homes.  But we also know that we have an important task ahead of us to engage the whole country as the roll-out expands and ensure that every household and microbusiness will take advantage of this new technology and transform their experience of buying gas and electricity.” 


1. Of the 18% who know what a smart meter is, 59% want one and 10% already have one.



Research for Smart Energy Outlook was conducted between November and December 2014.  Populus questioned 10,071 online respondents representative of the GB population.

About Smart Energy GB

Smart Energy GB is the independent organisation tasked by government to engage England, Scotland and Wales, during the roll-out of smart meters to every home in Great Britain. The organisation will design and deliver the consumer communications that supports the nationwide roll-out.  

Smart Energy GB media contacts

For more information including interview requests, case studies of smart meter users, infographics, photography and video content please contact the Smart Energy GB media team:

Lucy Maggs: [email protected], 020 3751 0744 / 07753 216140


About smart meters

Smart meters are new technology, which will transform how we buy gas and electricity. They will replace the analogue meters we currently have in our homes, and will provide consumers with near real time information on energy usage in pounds and pence, accurate bills and control over their gas and electricity use.