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Page last updated icon Page last updated on 24th April 2024

Smart Energy GB’s Response to Ed Davey’s Statement on the DCC

Smart Energy GB said:

“The roll-out of smart meters is well underway. More than a million meters have already been installed in households and microbusinesses across England, Scotland and Wales.  Our research shows that customers with smart meters are experiencing a transformation in the way they buy gas and electricity.

“The secure national network which will handle smart meter data, the DCC, is a vitally important part of the smart meter roll-out, and we are pleased to see this Ministerial statement regarding its go-live date. 

"The DCC will open the door to the full benefits of smart meters.  Through the DCC, smart meters will be interoperable, switching energy supplier will be quicker and easier, and time-of-use tariffs can be introduced. But even before the DCC goes live, smart meter users are already experiencing a transformation in how they are buying and using energy, including visibility in pounds and pence and accurate rather than estimated bills.”


About Smart Energy GB

Smart Energy GB is the independent organisation tasked by government to engage Great Britain during the roll-out of smart meters to every home across England, Scotland and Wales. The organisation will design and deliver the consumer communications that supports the nationwide roll-out. 

Smart Energy GB is responsible for helping people to understand how they will be able to benefit from this new technology and when it will be available to them. It has a particular duty to ensure that low-income, prepayment and vulnerable consumers benefit from the smart meter roll-out. 

Smart Energy GB media contacts

For more information please contact the Smart Energy GB media team:

Lucy Maggs:  [email protected]; 0203 751 0744 / 07747690432