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Smart Energy GB’s nationwide campaign wins industry recognition

Smart Energy GB’s nationwide campaign wins industry recognition at British Arrows Awards 2016 and the APA’s Interactive, Digital and Experiential Advertising Showcase (IDEAS)

Smart Energy GB, the national campaign for Great Britain’s smart meter rollout, has won its first clutch of industry awards, taking home accolades from both the British Arrows Awards 2016 and the APA’s first Interactive, Digital and Experiential Advertising Showcase (IDEAS).

The organisation won four awards at this year’s British Arrows Awards, which celebrate advertising excellence in British commercial film:

  • Silver: best new advertiser to TV
  • Silver: best advertiser in the household appliances, maintenance and services category
  • Bronze: best web-based series
  • Bronze: best over 90 second web-based film

The awards were made for Smart Energy GB’s series of Estimation Nation films, which highlight the absurdity of estimated energy bills by inviting the viewer to imagine a world which runs on estimation. The films point the viewer to the accuracy which smart meters will bring, directing them to Smart Energy GB’s website for further information.  

Smart Energy GB has also won an IDEAS award. These awards recognise interactive and experiential work from the UK. The award was picked up by the Gaz & Leccy cinema takeover, which brings to life the idea that the way we currently buy and use gas and electricity is out of control.

Smart Energy GB’s campaign brings to life the key benefits that smart meters will deliver to every home in Great Britain. The Estimation Nation films have had 12.4 million views to date, and the Gaz & Leccy cinema takeover clocked five million views in just four weeks.

Gavin Sheppard, Director of Marketing at Smart Energy GB, said:

“Whilst smart meters will play a vital role in bringing our outdated energy system into the 21st century, energy is an ultra-low interest category for consumers. Smart Energy GB has a big task to do in making sure that absolutely everyone in Great Britain understands the benefits that this upgrade will bring to their home. We need to show industry-leading innovation, effectiveness and creativity, and it’s great to be recognised as delivering this. 

“Our campaign has already seen some excellent results. Last year alone our films were watched 16 million times online, and two thirds of people take action on seeing our campaign. I’m immensely proud of everyone involved in bringing these ideas to life and for delivering these impressive results.” 

The British Arrows Awards were announced on 23rd March 2016. The winners were selected by a 20-strong jury from across the advertising and film industry. 

The IDEAS winners were announced at the 2016 Future of Advertising event at BAFTA, which took place on 22nd February 2016. The winners were selected by a jury of fourteen judges.


About Smart Energy GB

Smart Energy GB is the national campaign for Great Britain’s smart meter rollout. It’s our task to help everyone in Great Britain understand smart meters, the national rollout and how to use their new meters to get their gas and electricity under control. Our national campaign has already begun and will reach all households and microbusinesses in England, Scotland and Wales.

About smart meters and the rollout

Smart meters will replace the traditional meters we currently have in our homes. They will provide consumers with accurate bills, near real time information on energy usage in pounds and pence, and greater control over their gas and electricity. The smart meter rollout is an essential technology upgrade, unprecedented in its scale, to improve Great Britain’s energy infrastructure. Between now and 2020, everyone across England, Scotland and Wales will be offered a smart meter by their energy supplier at no extra cost. More than three million smart meters have already been installed. To find out how you can get a smart meter from your energy supplier please visit

Smart Energy GB media contacts

For more information including interview requests, case studies of smart meter users, infographics, photography and video content please contact the Smart Energy GB media team:

Smart Energy GB:

Lucy Maggs: [email protected]; 0203 019 1054 / 07747 690 432

Alicia Painter: [email protected]; 0203 019 1055